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*FINN Issue #5


Issue #5  Art Edition
80 pages 
Size: 24 x 32 cm (9.4x12.6 inches) full page photos, no ads.
Perfect Bound, Thick fine art paper
weight: 602 gr.
Pinup Rachel Moon
The art of J.T. Dockery
The Night is Calling
Terrace of Crest
Bunny Tavern By Christen Matzke
Swap Out Pants for Tights by Megan Bowles
Smart Casual by Victoria Krause
Guest Photographers
kwiesatz -
Carey Gough -
J.G. López
Heather Rochelle Ferguson (Terrace of Crest) by Mattias Webb
Joanna M. Sellers (The Night is Calling ♣ Secret Lair) by Stafa Oz
Pinup Rachel Moon by J.G. Lopez
Emily by Carey Cough
Lina by Carey Cough
Photographers: Mattias Webb, Stafa Oz
All models photographed in this issue were over 18 years old and have worn pantyhose,nylons all day during the time of shooting.