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Real Testimonials

Love Finn Magazine, excellent publication. Issue #5, is awesome, thank you and Best Wishes.

                                                                                                    Stephen -Canada


I just received the packages, and they are wonderful. Absolutely great!please keep me updated, would love to order again.Thank you.                                                                          

                                                                                                              Ken  -United States


"Just wanting to say that I love issue 4, excellent photo's, beautiful woman and wonderful pantyhose. I really love the shoot with Jasmine In Her Place and the cream high heel pee toes shoes at the end. Keep up the excellent work."


                                                                                           Tony  -United States

Actually I didn’t expect it to be printed on such high quality paper with such high quality ink.  It’s not one of those magazines that you pick up at the gas station, it’s actually looks and feels like an art book.

                                                                                          Jessica @ Fantasy Stockings


Your magazine is excellent, a timely and eminently worthwhile piece.

                                                                                          Gene L  -NY United States


Thank you for a great publication that focuses on nylons and pantyhose.I love the Clear high def photos and fresh perspective, rather than regular digital perspective of what I'm used to.

                                                                                          David Hannen  -IL US


Finn is a great magazine.You guys have done a great job with it.I look forward to getting each Issue.

                                                                                           P. H.  -LA United States       


Finally, a magazine just for us...

                                          Jason H. -FL United States


I was searching for what to get a guy with a foot fetish for his birthday.Then I have discovered your magazine!..Thank you!

                                                                                         Samantha -NY United States


This is great!, thank you Mr Kramer :)

                                            Jan -Netherlands


I love pin-ups and I love your vintage edition.

                                            Mike -TO Canada


A magazine dedicated to feet and nylons, unbelievable.Keep on what you're doing.

                                                                                         Michael -Pitt. PA United States


A nice and quality piece of work makes you want to collect all the issues.

                                                                                         Takeshi N -Tokyo Japan


We love it when you like our work.Write us please with your comments.

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