FINN magazine is an ad-free coffee table magazine about feet, pantyhose and nylons.It's created by enthusiasts just like you but its mastermind even though he doesn't know is the great inventer and womanizer Cosmo Kramer.After all, he did came up with the idea of a coffee table book about coffee tables.We just thought why not we do the same for feet and pantyhose.
Finn's goal is to let people know what you're into in a good manner.Therefore it is home and office safe.Just throw it on the couch (it will be a cozy adventure) or put it on your coffee table (it will make your high tea complete) or you may just lay it on your newly polished hardwood floor to give it a little bit of spice.

Finn is the only published magazine dedicated to pantyhose and nylon feet and is not digitally available.It is published semi yearly.With its out of standard large page size you will own a quite collectible full page photo magazine.
wider & longer
-Who are the people on your team?
John Zueck - editor, front desk, public relations
Mattias Webb - photographer
Eileen Oz - make up artist, hair designer, costume designer, publisher
Steve Martell - project manager 
Erdem Kucukyali & the Crew - producer, printing
Stephan Kosik - editor, publisher
-Where are you located?
Finn is a global project.Photo shootings take place all around the world (mainly Europe) Edited in Canada.Printed in Turkey.